What’s the deal with the gendered (male/female) seats?


The County Committee rules require that every Election District has at least two seats: one female and one male. So, a different-gendered person (maybe a roommate, neighbor, partner, or friend) could be the ideal person to collect signatures with you. Plus it’s more fun and less stressful with a running-mate! (Some districts even have four seats: two female and two male.)

Because County Committee is not currently inclusive of non-binary Brooklynites, we recommend people who don’t identify as male or female to run for whichever seat they’d prefer. We have never heard of the Board of Elections asking for confirmation of a County Committee candidate’s gender. If you have suggestions for how we can support, recruit, or organize with more gender-expansive Democrats for County Committee, please reach out. We are committed to changing the gendered nature of this process.