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A community-led campaign to help everyday Brooklyn Democrats participate in their local party.
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County Committee is the most local part of the Democratic Party where members can influence who gets selected as candidates in elections and, ultimately, government policy. Every borough in New York City has a County Committee.

FACT: For over ten years we’ve helped hundreds of Brooklyn Democrats represent their communities - through running for County Committee - and have their local party advocate for the issues that they care about.

WHAT IS #RepYourBlock?

#RepYourBlock is a community-led campaign to help everyday Brooklyn Democrats participate in their local party by running for County Committee. By signing up, you’ll join hundreds of Brooklynites who want to become official members of the Brooklyn Democratic Party — and we’ll help you every step of the way!

FACT: The party could be doing things like making a plan to gain control of the NY Senate. Unfortunately, many of the 5,000 seats on County Committee go unfilled, so power is concentrated in the hands of a few insiders.

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PROBLEM: Brooklyn is one of the most Democratic counties in the country – yet important party decisions are made by a few powerful individuals behind closed doors.

SOLUTION: Represent your neighborhood and advocate for the issues you care about.

SIGN UP: Become a leader in your community by winning a seat in the Brooklyn Democratic Party.


APRIL & MAY 2018

Tell all your friends and neighbors to sign up!
Download this flyer to print and share.

JUNE 5 - JULY 4, 2018

Window for petitioning to collect 30-60 signatures from your neighbors.
Email us if you have any questions!

JULY 4, 2018

Drop off your petitions with our Assembly District Organizers by July 4th, and we will bind & file them for you!


Go & brush your shoulders off.


Primary elections & victory party for winners.
Attend your first County Committee meeting!

Become a Partner
#RepYourBlock is a campaign led by New Kings Democrats – in collaboration with other Brooklyn political clubs, local progressive politicians and candidates, and everyday citizens. Help grow our movement by becoming an official campaign partner. Email our Organizing team now.

Frequently Asked Questions
It’s easy. First, be a registered Democrat in Brooklyn. Second, collect about 30-60 signatures between June 5 and July 12, 2018. We’ll provide the petitions, voter lists, and other useful tools!
Not much. Petitioning typically takes two half-days or three evenings in sweet Brooklyn summer weather!
If your seat is filled now, plan to run anyway. County Committee is a two-year term, so every seat is actually open. We will work together to decrease the odds of primaries — there are more than enough seats for everyone to have a seat at the table!
If you successfully petition yourself onto County Committee in Summer 2018, you will become a member at the party’s September 2018 meeting.
It’s up to you. The most important power you have is your vote. You can attend two County Committee meetings per year — or, give your neighbor or a New Kings Democrats member your proxy vote.
The main responsibilities of a County Committee member are to cast a vote for the Executive Committee, including Chair, of the Democratic Party of Brooklyn and to vote on any resolutions proposed to the entire County Committee, including the passage of the Party budget. Well-organized groups of County Committee members can even advance resolutions! Most importantly, a County Committee member may be called upon to choose among candidates seeking the Democratic ballot line in a special election. Special elections are called when a midterm vacancy in an elected office occurs for any reason (such as when an elected official resigns to take a different office, or is indicted).
To find out what your Election District number is, enter your address in PollSiteLocator.com, and save that list!
We’re careful to avoid that, but yes, it is possible that somebody else will petition for the same Election District as you. We will work together to decrease the odds of primaries — there are more than enough seats for everyone to have a seat at the table!
Yes! If we have another solo candidate in your Assembly District, we can pair you up.
We love questions! Send them to: info@repyourblock.com.
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#RepYourBlock is a campaign of New Kings Democrats.
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