Running for County Committee

Who Can Run?

Any registered Democrat in Brooklyn!

No need to be a member of a club, no need to pay anything, and no experience necessary!

Rep Your Block is here to help any registered Democrat in Brooklyn who wants to run.  The only requirement is that you live/are registered to vote in the Assembly District you're running for.  You do not have to live in the specific Election District you will be representing. 

Campaign Timeline:

TODAY   Sign Up!


  • Attend an Assembly District meet-up
  • Speak to an Assembly District organizer
  • Recruit a running mate
  • Attend a petitioning training session


FEBRUARY - MARCH*   Petitioning 

JUNE   Democratic Primary Election

SEPTEMBER   County Committee organizational meeting

*Note: Due to redistricting, petitioning may need to happen a little later. 

What is Petitioning?

Petitioning is the act of collecting signatures from registered voters so a candidate will qualify to appear on the ballot in the primary election. For most County Committee candidates, the process is simple and your name will not need to appear on the ballot for an election. Petitioning is the only step you need to take!

Federal, State, and County Committee candidates running for elected positions all have to petition every two years.

As a County Committee candidate, you will collect signatures from at least 5% of registered Democrats in the Election District (ED) that you are running to represent. This is typically between 20-50 signatures over a few city blocks. 

Exact dates of petitioning season can vary, but in general it lasts for a few weeks in February and March in a State election year (every two years). 

Rep Your Block will provide you with a list of registered Democrats in your ED to help you door knock efficiently. We will also print, bind, and file your petitions for you at no cost! 

Do I Have to Choose a Gendered Seat?

Not any more! In the past, seats were defined to be filled by candidates identifying as female or male.

In 2020, six transgender, gender non-confirming, and gender non-binary (TGNCNB) candidates running through Rep Your Block filed a lawsuit to eliminate gendered seating requirements. A judge urged the Brooklyn Democratic Party leadership to act on this, and they convened a task force to study the issue and removed the rule.

In 2022, you can run for a general “County Committee” seat.

Ready to run? Just Sign Up!