Frequently Asked Questions




Who Can Run for County Committee through Rep Your Block?

Any registered Democrat in Brooklyn! See our Running for County Committee page for more details.

What is Rep Your Block?

Rep Your Block is a community-led campaign dedicated to helping Brooklyn Democrats participate in local politics by running for County Committee and becoming a voting member of the Democratic Party.

Find out more on our About Us page.

How can I get on Brooklyn's Democratic County Committee? What is petitioning?

To get a seat on County Committee, you will petition (collect signatures from) your neighbors. Go to our

Running for County Committee page for all the details on running for a County Committee seat. 

How much of a time commitment is County Committee?

Not much! Petitioning will take you a few half-days or evenings. See our Running for County Committee page for more details.

I am unable to petition. How can I rep my block?

Petitioning is not an easily accessible activity, and we need to change that. Rep Your Block can provide accommodations to people with disabilities or life circumstances that make petitioning untenable.

Where is my Election District?

Each Assembly District (AD) is composed of smaller Election Districts (EDs), typically one to three city blocks. To find out what your AD and ED numbers are, search yourself in the NY Board of Elections Voter Lookup. For the purposes of County Committee, you need to know your AD and ED numbers.

Will redistricting change my district?

Redistricting is the process of rearranging voting districts according to changes in resident population. Redistricting happens every 10 years, using the data collected during the national census, which counts the people residing in the country/state/city. The 2021/22 redistricting process is now complete; you can put in your address here and see how your districts have changed. No need to worry, Rep Your Block will help you determine which district you will need to run in, and we will support you in finding a seat and will prepare your petitions accordingly! 

Is someone already representing my Election District on County Committee?

Maybe! You can search for information on your Election District by entering your address in the provided field on County Committee Sunlight Project’s website.  If you find your seat is already filled, you should plan to run anyway! Because County Committee is a two-year term, nobody is automatically put back on County Committee. Every seat is open, and if you want to put in the work to join, you should go for it!

I don’t want to petition alone, can I go with a buddy?

Yes, we can pair you up to petition and run with someone! 

What's the deal with gendered (male/female) seats?

Gendered seats are a thing of the past. All candidates will run for a general County Committee seat and do not need to declare a gender when petitioning. See more details here on our Running for County Committee page.



Hooray, I’m on County Committee! Now what?

All you need to know is on our Role of County Committee Members page.

Once I'm elected to County Committee, how much of a time commitment is it?

It's kind of flexible -- and will depends on how much you want to do with your role. Check out our Role of County Committee Members page for more details.

When would my term start? 

If you successfully petition yourself onto County Committee in February - March, you will become an official member at the Party’s September organizational meeting and serve for two years.



What's the best way to support the Rep Your Block mission?

Thank you for asking! You can recruit more people through social media and email, and you can nominate someone to run for County Committee. You can also contribute at any time by donating to Rep Your Block here.

Have another question?

Reach out to [email protected].