About Us

Rep Your Block is a community-led campaign dedicated to helping Brooklyn Democrats participate in local politics by running for County Committee and becoming a voting member of the Democratic Party. County Committee is the ground floor of the Democratic Party, and we believe getting people more involved can change the way politics work in Brooklyn.

Rep Your Block originated from the work of New Kings Democrats (NKD) to reform County Committee. Since its creation, Rep Your Block has recruited thousands of Brooklyn Democrats to petition and run for (and win) seats on County Committee. While NKD remains one of many important partners in this recruitment work, Rep Your Block is no longer run by NKD. Rep Your Block operates under the direction of an elected leadership team, with a coalition of other partner groups and organizations supporting the campaign.

Why should you Rep Your Block? We think of Brooklyn as overwhelmingly Democratic, yet decisions about the borough’s Democratic priorities and candidates are made by a few party insiders, often behind closed doors. It’s time to fix this by making sure everyone – in particular those traditionally excluded from the electoral process – can access County Committee and make the Democratic Party in Brooklyn the standard for inclusive, transparent, and participatory local politics. 

Thanks to years of organizing by Rep Your Block and a coalition of partners, thousands of Brooklyn Democrats have run for County Committee seats for the first time and started filling previously empty seats.

Rep Your Block does not support or endorse any political candidates.